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Bio Concepts 2 Day Summit, Mastering Pathology

FxMed Lunch and Learn Inflammation Webinar Series 1

Inflammation Lunch and Learn Webinar Series 4 Parts

Inflammation is an underlying factor in many of the health concerns our patients struggle with today. From seemingly unrelated conditions such as ligament damage, long COVID, and migraine, we find that assessing and addressing their inflammation levels can often be the best approach to supporting their health goals – and is an approach clinically supported by research. In this 4-part webinar series, Dr Clark will discuss four areas that share similar treatment approaches and explain how to assess when the dysfunction is most closely associated with inflammation. Register now to learn about the latest research to support inflammatory health and disease states, including protocols, timelines and patient resources.

Dr Michelle Clark is a licensed naturopathic physician with over 20 years of clinical experience in the USA and New Zealand. Her comprehensive training covers nutrition and supplementation to intravenous therapies, herbal and pharmaceutical prescribing, functional and insurance-based diagnostics, lifestyle integration and various physical therapies like osteopathic and chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture. As FxMed’s Clinical Education Manager, she aims to provide healthcare professionals with efficient, leading-edge resources for delivering exceptional patient care.
Part 2: 23 July 2024 / 12pm (NZST) / 10am (AEST) Endothelial Inflammation: Strategies for Long COVID and Cardiovascular Wellness
Learning objectives

  • Dive into the dynamic world of endothelial pathology and disease relationship
  • Unveil the impact of endothelial damage on long COVID, hypertension and long-term heart risk factors
  • Review the latest researched approaches for assessing and treating long COVID
  • Learn when hypertension can be endothelial inflammation and how to manage it
  • How to assess endothelial health for long term heart health
  • Protocols and approaches to consider for long term resilience

Part 3: 20 August 2024 / 12pm (NZST) / 10am (AEST) Inflammation Insights: Understanding Root Causes of Headaches and Migraines
Learning objectives

  • Delve into the pathologies behind the most common headaches and migraines
  • Investigate the connection between how inflammation links to headaches and migraine, and mastering assessment
  • Discover strategies that can revolutionise patient care and highly impact treatment outcomes
  • Learn how to elevate your practice and discover supplement options that complement alignment strategies
  • Explore emerging therapies and advancements in the field of headache and migraine management

Part 4: 17 September 2024 / 12pm (NZST) / 10am (AEST) Navigating Nerve Health: Research-Based Approaches to Inflammation and Neuropathies
Learning objectives

  • Holistic overview and insights into neural inflammation, nerve impingement and neuropathies
  • Explore common causes for neuropathy and explore deficiencies versus disease states
  • Unveil the link between diseases associated with neural inflammation and techniques for assessing specific risk factors
  • Discover researched solutions and support options for nerve impingement repair
  • How to utilise approaches to supporting nerve healing backed by research

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Basic Nutrition and Kinesiology Test Kit with Dr Suzanne Labrie

Basic nutrition using Kinesiology test kits
The importance of understanding of how methylation defects and oxalate toxicity can dramatically effect your patient outcomes
Photobiomodulation and it’s application to common spinal conditions
Date Venue & Cost
Sunday 28th July, 9am – 5pm at Metta Chiropractic Health11/199 Balcatta Road, Balcatta, Western Australia 6021
Cost: $225

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A well-functioning immune system not only helps us to fight off those nasty bugs but underpins key systemic inflammatory control and reduces the severity of autoimmune presentations. How can we feel really comfortable when prescribing herbs as part of a well thought out treatment plan that ensures we cover diversity of action?

Join Emily Dennis from Bio Concepts, as we explore bringing traditional wisdom into modern prescribing, looking at the incredible clinical outcomes that can be achieved by including herbal medicines in prophylactic, acute and chronic immune presentations.  Emily is a Clinical Nutritionist and has been working in the health industry for 10 years. A former personal trainer, Emily remains in clinical practice as she is passionate about supporting individuals and families to live a fulfilled, and nourishing life. Emily has a special interest in chronic skin conditions, gastrointestinal health and, more recently, the role of nutrition in supporting women during the postnatal period. She is passionate about education and support and is a community minded individual
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Interclinical Unraveling logo

This intensive Face-to-face offers both new and experienced HTMA practitioners evidence-based, practical knowledge and the resources to provide bio-individualised therapy for improved outcomes, especially for patients with complex chronic conditions. HTMA provides deeper insight into patient stress, energy production, adrenal and thyroid efficiency, cognitive function, digestive dysfunction, mitochondrial health, inflammation, blood sugar management, and the effect of long-term therapeutics.

A full day of practical learning! An exciting day, all new lectures summarising recent research,

  • The Challenge: Chronic Conditions, Multimorbidites & Long-Term Therapies
  • The Science of HTMA in Patient Assessment
  • Understanding Drivers of Chronic Conditions (A focus on 7 drivers)
  • Conundrums in Nutraceutical Therapy
  • Back in Clinic
  • Q & A with the Panel

Dates & Venues:
Byron Bay: Byron Community Centre - 8th September - 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

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BioMedica Thyroid

Across a woman’s lifespan there are significant times of hormonal interaction, involvement and development. In particular, puberty, the female reproductive cycle, fertility, pregnancy, peri-menopause and menopause, all require healthy thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism. Research demonstrates that woman have a 10-fold increased risk of developing a thyroid condition, mainly in part due to these unique hormonal events throughout her lifetime.

In our upcoming Thyroid Health Masterclass, thyroid expert Tara Nelson, will take a deep dive into each of the unique stages in a woman’s life that not only require thyroid hormone adequacy but are key times for thyroid conditions to develop:

  • Puberty and the Reproductive Years
  • Fertility and Pregnancy
  • Perimenopause and Menopause

Knowing the risk factors, symptomatic picture and pathology, can help clinicians be on the forefront for identification of thyroid conditions in each stage and be adept in preventing and treating these disorders. 
Our experienced presenters bring with them a wealth of clinical knowledge and prescribing experience: Tara Nelson and Di Strang.
Puberty and the Reproductive Years During puberty, changes in thyroid functions and an increase in thyroid volume occur as an adaptation to body and sexual development. Thyroid problems during this stage can adversely affect growth and development during puberty, a crucial period of hormonal interaction, and is often overlooked. The thyroid is at the centre of all hormone communication between the brain, adrenal gland and the ovaries. When this communication is damaged, the interaction between sex hormones, stress hormones, brain neurotransmitters and energy metabolism falls apart. Symptoms that seem related to problems with estrogen and progesterone, are often caused by thyroid hormone imbalance.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understand how hormonal changes can impact thyroid function and hormone regulation.
  • Identify risk factors and symptoms in tweens and teens to rule out or confirm a thyroid dysfunction diagnosis, and how to support this sub-set.
  • Understand how symptoms of thyroid dysfunction overlap with normal pubertal changes, making diagnosis and management challenging.
  • Learn how female sex hormones are influenced by both hypo- and hyperthyroidism.
  • Identify common hormonal presentations and dysregulations that can occur in thyroid dysfunction.
  • Understand the association between autoimmune thyroid disorders and infertility, including impacts on ovarian function and fertility outcomes.
  • Learn strategies to optimize thyroid function for improved fertility outcomes.

Cost (incl GST) Early Bird A$39.00 (ends midnight 30th June), Pract A$59 (closes midnight 1st August), Student A$39 (closes midnight 1st August).
Includes Live and ongoing on-demand access to all 3 sessions
Premier access to clinical resources and tools
3 CPE Points. Click Here to Register  


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Join us for Breaking New Ground: Advanced Techniques in Fertility and Miscarriage

We are excited to invite you to this exclusive event hosted by MTHFR Support! Breaking New Ground: Advanced Techniques in Fertility and Miscarriage is a 2-day live workshop designed specifically for professionals like you—naturopaths, nutritionists, and fertility doctors eager to master advanced fertility and miscarriage care techniques.

This event focuses on cutting-edge approaches like functional genomics and personalised medicine, which are crucial for enhancing patient outcomes and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving field of fertility health.
Gain new clinical skills with topics including

  • Navigating New Frontiers in Fertility: The Shift to Personalised Genomic Medicine
  • Tackling Estrogen Dominance and Reproductive Challenges
  • Environmental Impact on Fertility: The Mould Factor
  • Advancing Male Fertility:The Other Half of the Equation
  • Key Genetics in Preconception
  • The Embryo – the miracle of life and the forces that change it
  • Beyond Conception: Autoimmune Challenges, Blood Clotting, and Placental Health

Why Now?  The field of fertility treatment is changing faster than ever. Staying updated through hands-on learning will ensure you remain at the forefront of patient care practices. Plus, by participating now, you'll join an elite group of practitioners who are committed to excellence and innovation.

Advance Your Skills! Dive into the latest advancements in fertility care that can transform your treatment outcomes.  Gain insights directly from leading experts, including Carolyn Ledowsky, with decades of experience in fertility health. Network with like-minded professionals who are pioneering changes in the industry.  Return to your practice with new techniques and strategies that you can implement right away.

Date: 10-11th August at Cammeray, Sydney
Virtual pass also available
Cost:  Early bird: $625, valid until June 30th. Full ticket price $997
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Neuromodulation and Emotional Integration for Common Spinal Conditions

Dr. Carlo Rinaudo and Dr. Suzy Labrie are excited to present their collaborative seminar titled “Neuromodulation and Emotional Integration for Common Spinal Conditions” on September 14th and 15th. With nearly 50 years of combined experience in chiropractic, functional neurology, and neuro emotional techniques, they aim to explore the intersection of neuromodulation therapies, emotional stress release, and central nervous system corrections. This seminar will cover innovative approaches such as laser therapy, vagus and trigeminal nerve stimulation, and transcranial direct currents.

Additionally, they will introduce the Brain Integration Reset Protocol, a unique blend of neurology, emotional release, and neuromodulation, designed to enhance traditional chiropractic methods and improve clinical outcomes for patients. The event promises a mix of theory and hands-on practical training, suitable for practitioners eager to deepen their understanding of the body-mind connection in therapeutic practices.

The seminar is for:

  • Students, new graduates to experienced practitioners proficient in using emotional release techniques (NET/EFT) and manual muscle testing technique (AK/SOT) The practitioner looking to blend functional neurology in with emotional release techniques, so as to have greater success in helping patients suffering poor balance, chronic spinal pain, recurrent joint injuries, and more
  • Practitioners interested in incorporating neuromodulation technology, including lasers, vagal stimulation, vibration, trigeminal nerve stimulation, transcranial direct current and more, into clinical practice
  • Practitioners who learn best with a hands-on workshop format, mixing clinical application, case studies and practicals.

What you will learn

  • The neurophysiology of manual muscle testing and emotional release techniques, understanding the neurological connections rarely discussed in most courses
  • An overview of the nervous system, including the vestibular system, brainstem and cerebellum
  • Learn the Brain Integration Reset (BIR) protocol, a ‘tool-kit’ of easy-to-use assessment and treatment protocols to ‘re-calibrate’ patients brain and body connection. The BIR combines knowledge from 2 experienced practitioners who teach extensively
  • Proven protocols to help difficult cases of spinal and recurrent joint conditions caused by pelvic and shoulder instability and to assist the emotional component of these issues
  • Integrate the latest neuromodulation therapies into practice for better patient outcomes

Content Includes:

  • Overview of the nervous system
  • The neurology of the emotions and emotional release techniques
  • The neurology of manual muscle testing
  • Understanding neuromodulation (lasers, transcranial direct current, Vagal and trigeminal stimulation
  • Principles of BIR Protocol, Flow chart and algorithm, Testing neuroinstability, Principles of neuro-rehabilitation
  • BIR for Pelvic instability
  • BIR for the cervical spine and associated shoulder issues
  • BIR for the neurology of PTSD
  • Q+A

Date: 14th September and 15th September, 12.30 - 5.pm and 9.00am - 5.30pm. 
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Hormones & Basic Nutrition Using Kinesiology Test Kits
Dr Suzanne Labrie will be presenting the latest research on understanding how the hormonal system coordinates in your body.

This includes:

  • Pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive hormones
  • Mitochondrial function and it’s importance for hormonal health
  • Protocols for efficient hormone balancing
  • The use of kinesiology and muscle testing to support nutritional choices

Date & Venue
28 (Saturday) 8:30 am - 29 (Sunday) 1:00 pm at Kirribilli Club, 11 Harbourview Cres, Lavender Bay NSW 2060
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Bioconcepts Mastering Pahtology

The field of pathology is a treasure trove of clinical connections, holding the keys to understanding the driving factors behind disease states and the manifestations of signs and symptoms. However, a crucial question lingers: Are we fully leveraging the potential of the conventional blood tests that patients often already undergo? Embark with us on a transformative summit in Brisbane, as we proudly welcome you to our first educational conference in a decade, "Mastering Pathology: Connecting Patterns with Presentation". Our eminent lineup of internationally recognised speakers includes keynote presenter Dr Olivia Lesslar who will explore the concept of psychoneuroimmunology as a return to the ancient wisdom that understood the interconnectedness of body systems and the foundational tenets of health in disease prevention.

Also among the cast of distinguished speakers is leading Australian allergist Professor Pete Smith; internationally acclaimed naturopathic doctor Lara Briden; thyroid expert naturopath Tara Nelson; international nephrologist Dr Patana Teng-umnuay; cancer expert naturopath Dr Janet Schloss; diabetes focussed GP Dr Gary Deed; nutritional biochemist Dr Rhona Creegan; well respected integrative GP Dr Charlotte Middleton; naturopath and breathwork expert Mim Beim and well known naturopath and food as medicine advocate Janella Purcell.

Join this esteemed group for two days of insightful discussions, interactive sessions, and knowledge exchange, as we collectively strive to unlock the full potential of conventional pathology. Together, we will unravel the intricacies of disease patterns, decode clinical connections, and bridge the gap between test results and effective patient care.

Learning Insights:

  • Unearth the intricacies of traditional pathology, unravelling the mysteries within crucial body systems. Dive into the world of cancer support, women's health, and immunity, the nuances of gut health, with a focus on the dynamic landscape of inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, and the complexity of thyroid markers.
  • Discover the art of matching clinical signs and symptoms with blood markers, unlocking the hidden secrets behind patients' health challenges. Learn to seamlessly fuse conventional pathology testing with other cutting-edge investigations, navigating the possible connection to pinpoint the elusive root causes of patient presentations.
  • Apply your newfound knowledge to live clinical cases, exploring treatment options that could change the course of patients' lives. 
  • Return to the fundamental principles of healing, where food is medicine and breathwork is an important clinical tool and patient prescription. Engage in fun, interactive practical demonstrations that you can immediately apply to clinical practice.
  • This isn't just a learning experience; it's an expedition into the intricacies of pathology, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary.

Dates: Friday 25th & Saturday 26th October.  CPE: 11 points
Venue: The Westin, 111 Mary Street, Brisbane
Tickets: Super Early Bird tickets from 1 March.  Click here for more information or to register 




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