BioConcepts, Developmental Biology in the GIT, QLD,VIC,TAS,NSW
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BioConcepts, Developmental Biology in the GIT, NZ (Auck, Wgtn, ChCh)
Designs for Health FREE Webinar, Advances in Next Gen. Co-Q10 & Heart Health


BioConcepts Developmental Biology

Developmental biology studies the genetic and epigenetic control of cellular growth, differentiation and “morphogenesis” which gives rise to bodily tissues and organs. In addition, it looks at the role of adult stem cells in the regeneration and maintenance of tissues and organs across our entire lives. Understanding the developmental biology of the GIT and its influencers can help change the way we, as natural medicine practitioners, treat common gastrointestinal conditions.

Learn how genetics and epigenetics influence the development of the gastrointestinal lining and the microbiome; and in turn how that cross-talk between the microbiome and gastrointestinal lining leads us down a path to health or disease.

The stem cells which give rise to all mature cells of the intestine including epithelial cells, are highly influenced by the signalling environment, in what is called the stem cell niche. The signals from the stem cell niche which include hormones, chemokines, cytokines, cellular contact, macro and micronutrients from our diet and microbiome metabolites control the growth and directs the differentiation of the stem cells. To make lasting changes to the epithelium and the microbiome, this environment must be conducive to healthy stem cell function.

Presenter: Dr Michael Osiecki, PhD, BBE (Chemical), BBiotech (Hons). Dr Michael is the Managing Director of Bio Concepts and the second generation of Osiecki biochemists. With scientific prowess and a passion for the industry, Dr Michael is at the forefront of education in nutritional medicine. Dr Michael draws insights from the latest relevant research in complementary medicine, applying these to the clinic and beyond.

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Dates:  30th October to 2nd December
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Gastrointestinal disorders are prevalent with many people presenting to both orthodox and complementary medicine practitioners for assessment and advice.

In this webinar Beth will provide a clinically driven model for improving patient outcomes, highlighting both nutrition and lifestyle strategies as co-medication to support the management of primary and secondary GIT disorders

The model consists of:

  • The evaluation and prescription of movement and fibre to support better clinical outcomes; enhance medication effectiveness and reduce adverse effects.
  • The assessment of gastric acid and pH production to evaluate digestion and absorption and the resulting potential nutritional deficiencies.
  • Using GERD as an example, assessing potential nutrient deficiencies arising from the long-term use of medication for GERD.

Date: On demand from 13 to 27 November. Duration 90 minutes
Cost: Practitioners $A30, Students $A24
CPE Points: Recognised for contact learning hours – contact your individual association to apply

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Join us for a one hour interactive webinar on an Integrative Medicine approach to cardiovascular health.  Did you know that about 18% of adult Australians have issues with their cardiovascular system, and left unmanaged, can lead to more serious conditions. Symptoms and conditions can include chest discomfort, light-headiness, altered heart rate or rhythm, unhealthy cholesterol ratio’s, blood pressure, fatigue and shortness of breath.
An integrative and preventative approach to cardiology helps to ensure best possible patient outcomes through the management of lifestyle, environment, supplementation, and responsible use of conventional medicines. In this webinar, Dr. Walker and our very own Technical Manager Lea McIntyre will provide a comprehensive overview on the latest in preventative approaches and discuss the importance of ubiquinol – the active form of CoQ10 – and its role in integrative cardiology, based on the latest science and evidence-based practice.  

Learn about advances in next generation CO-Q10 and heart health. 
In this exclusive live Webinar, Dr Walker will:

  • Explain the physiological needs for healthy cellular and heart function
  • Present an overview of recent science on CoQ10 and Ubiquinol and it’s application in clinical practice
  • Discuss the latest evidence based diagnostic tests for cardiovascular health
  • Share integrative and preventative cardiology insights to support better patient outcomes
  • Discuss how ubiquinol is created in the body, it’s role, depletion factors and the impact on heart health
  • Share his experience of an integrative medicine approach to preventative cardiology
  • Present case histories and protocols to manage cardiovascular symptoms and restore health

Webinar moderated by Naturopath Lea McIntyre:

  • Lea brings a wealth of experience based on her clinical practice
  • As technical manager for Designs for Health she will be asking the most pertinent questions

Moderated questions from the audience are presented for discussion between Lea and Ross.

Dr Ross Walker:  An eminent practising cardiologist with over 35 years’ experience as a clinician. With a focus on preventative cardiology Dr Walker is one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts and brings the latest research on supplements and clinical methods for cardiovascular and general health.

Lea McIntyre ND:  Lea is the Customer Relations and Technical Manager at Designs for Health Australia. With a Bachelors

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and resources with you - The DHF Australia Team. 
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